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GameStart 2014: Going Little and Big in LittleBigPlanet3

It’s easy to overlook LittleBigPlanet 3 amongst juggernauts like Evolve and Bloodborne but no other title on the show floor oozed as much charm as this puzzle-platformer. How can anyone even resist the Sack?

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Darkness Reborn Gets Soft Launch in 13 Countries Including Singapore

How many mobile games do you know feature impressive gameplay, co-op dungeons, boss raids and PvP but have absolutely nothing to do with cards? It’s time to whip out those phones and tablets because Darkness Reborn, the sequel to Dark Avenger, is now available in thirteen countries as part of a soft launch. Where Asia is involved, we’re in!

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Destiny’s First Expansion ‘The Dark Below’ Revealed

Where expansions are concerned this has to be the fastest announcement in existence. Bungie has released details about Destiny’s first expansion titled ‘The Dark Below’, merely three months after the game’s launch on consoles. Question is, does it pack enough content to be called an expansion?

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8-Week Strife Origins Tournament Open To All

Despite entering Open Beta only two months ago, Strife is ready to have its first seeding tournament right here in Singapore. Held over eight weeks at various cycbercafes across the nation, the matches will be open to everyone and have no registration fee.

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Online Voting Begins for PlayStation’s “User’s Choice Award”

It’s time for another round of PlayStation Awards, hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia. Celebrating titles that sold well on PlayStation platforms, last year saw Grand Theft Auto V taking the Platinum Prize for shipping over one million copies. However, fans in Japan and Asia have a say in the awards too, which is where the User’s Choice category comes in.

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This Week on PSN Asia (29/10): Halloween Specials & One Upon Light!

While our coverage of the games from GameStart 2014 is still in progress, let’s stay awhile and listen, to this week’s update on the PlayStation Network for Asia.