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Spacetime Gets Professional eSports Consultations for Call of Champions

You might recall Spacetime Studios and their efforts to bring competitve MOBAs to mobile with Call of Champions. They held an exhibition tournament at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival last month. More recently, in a bid to further prove how serious they are about the whole endeavor, they’ve brought three eSports players onboard for consultation.

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Pre-Register for LINE Dragonica Mobile and Get a Gift Pack

Last month Asiasoft inked an exclusivity deal with LINE Corporation so that their new game, Dragonica Mobile, launches on the popular messaging platform first. Now that the official release is just around the corner, Asiasoft have kicked off their awareness campaigns in full force, promising free rewards for everyone who participates.

2KAU Business / On The Interwebs

The Last AAA Studio in Australia Bids Goodbye

In what comes as a shock to the entire gaming sphere, Kotaku Australia reports that Canberra-based studio 2K Australia is closing down.

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Hearthstone Now on Mobile, Get a Free Classic Pack

Blizzard has launched the mobile version of Hearthstone today! The popular card game has been given a brand new interface to better suit small screens, and features all of the content they’ve released thus far: Curse of Naxxramas, Goblins vs Gnomes, and the new Blackrock Mountain. All collections and progress will seamlessly carry over across devices, making it easier for players to dedicate their lives to endless mana crystals and tavern music.

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Windows Usernames Stopping Some From Playing GTA V

You can play Grand Theft Auto V for PC right now. Provided you’re not at work or school that is, and that the game is actually letting you launch or even install it. Before lighting torches and coming up with abuse to hurl at Rockstar, however, know that a fix is already underway and that a temporary solution has been provided.

GOGTowerBundle Games / On The Interwebs Bundle Tower Brings Six Days of Gaming Deals

If you stop to think about it, long-running videogame sales are no different than in-game tower challenges. The longer it lasts the more challenging it gets on one’s wallet, and at the end of it all we’re walking away with some sense of accomplishment (all that savings!) and a bag of loot (all these games!) while lingering doubt hangs at the edge of consciousness (was it worth it?). So it only makes sense, really, that should name their latest sale The Bundle Tower.