psnasia_magicalbeat Events / Games

This Week on PSN Asia (16/9): Murasaki Baby, Magical Beat, More Bargains

Guide a lost infant home, drop some beats and end the week with a second bunch of Capcom titles for 50% off this week on the PlayStation Network Store.

minecraft_111413_1600 Business / Games

Microsoft Buys Minecraft For US$2.5 Billion

Microsoft has acquired Mojang, creators of Minecraft, for several blocks of gold, to the sum of US$2.5 billion.

FatalFrame5 Games

Here’s How the Next Fatal Frame Looks Like on Wii U

It may seem like a dying console but Nintendo’s Wii U gets some pretty heavy advertising in Japan, in addition to future exclusive releases to help push sales. One such title is Koei Tecmo’s upcoming Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden, which just put out a trailer showing some gameplay footage.

iPodclassic_endofreign Technology

End of an Era: Apple Retires The Original iPod (Classic)

It revolutionised the mp3 player industry, offering a thousand songs in the palm of your hand. A legacy left behind, the iPod Classic, with its iconic click wheel, is being retired and has been shown out the door.

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This Week on PSN Asia (09/9): Destiny, Transistor and 50% Off Capcom Titles

Get extra gear for Destiny when you move in for a Day One PSN purchase, dive into a sci-fi RPG and get a whole bunch of Capcom titles for 30%-50% off this week on the PlayStation Network Store.

Destiny Video

Destiny’s New Live Action Trailer Is Awesome

The launch of Destiny is rapidly approaching. To celebrate that, Bungie has released a new action packed live-action trailer. It’s pretty awesome.