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World In Audition Closed Beta Until 27 Oct

Good news for Audition fans! Asiasoft has announced that World In Audition will be undergoing a Closed Beta test for players in Singapore and Malaysia from now until 9AM, 24 October.

3DRealms_Anthology Business / Games / Indie

3D Realms back with 32-Game Anthology and Indie Investment Platform

The years haven’t been kind to 3D Realms lately, notably the whole fiasco with Duke Nukem Forever. While they’ve ceased to exist as a developer in 2009 the company carried on its publishing business, licensing remakes such as last year’s Shadow Warrior by Flying Wild Hogs. They’ve since gotten things sorted out and are back, loud and proud, with their library of games and a plan for the future.

Humble_SW On The Interwebs

Load Up On Star Wars Comics with Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle spoils us yet again with another great collection, though not in the form of video games. Instead the service is pairing up with Dark Horse Comics to offer sixteen Star Wars titles spread over a staggering 118 issues. That’s a lot of reading for just US$15 (SG$19), and the best part is we don’t even have to worry about shelf space!

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Get Nostalgic With Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition Later This Month

In a swift follow-up to the game’s announcement during PAX Prime, Beamdog founder Trent Oster casually mentioned on Twitter that Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition will be releasing on 30 October for Windows and Linux, with mobile versions following shortly.

BleszinskiGameRoom On The Interwebs

Check Out Cliff Bleszinski’s Co-Op Game Room

As with movie buffs and their home theaters, gamers too have our points of pride. From PC battlestations to cockpit replicas, we’ve seen all manner of impressive things lovingly put together by the gaming community. This time we take a peek into the home of game developer Cliff Bleszinski and his “co-op buddy for life”, Lauren.

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Giveaway: GameStart 2014 Tickets (While Stocks Last!) – CLOSED

Thanks to Sony PlayStation Asia, we have got 15 pairs of tickets to GameStart 2014 to give away, with each ticket worth $8.50. We are super psyched up for Singapore’s first true gaming convention in a long while, and we can’t wait to see you there as well!