SFV_Zangief Games

Zangief Joins the Street Fighter V Roster

Capcom revealed last night that Zangief, the burly red cyclone of Russia, will be around to distribute lariats and piledrivers to all world warriors in the upcoming Street Fighter V. As if those rippling muscles weren’t intimidating enough, the wrestler has apparently discovered a new way of putting them to good use.

NBA2K16_Launch Games

Hit the hoops with NBA 2K16 for PC and Consoles

Basketball fans are probably playing NBA 2K16 already, the latest in 2K’s and Visual Concepts decade-old franchise. For those still sitting on the sidelines about it, here’s what’s new.

ChainChronicleV2 Games

Pre-Registration Opens for Chain Chronicle Version 2

Chain Chronicle stands out as being one of the better free-to-play RPGs available on mobile. There’s a surprising amount of story in it, characters all come with unique quests, and its line defense gameplay has just the right amount of progressive challenge.

RGG6-Beat-Takeshi-Init_Fami-shot Latest / Video

Takeshi “Beat” Kitano Confirmed in Yakuza 6

Now this is a real Yakuza game! Only mentioned at the Tokyo Game Show without any footage until now, Sega has just made their premier gangster title immediately legit. What you are seeing here trailer for legendary Japanese talent Takeshi Kitano’s appearance in the PlayStation 4 exclusive Ryu Ga Gotoku 6 (or Yakuza 6).

Bloodline Games

Bloodline Beta now available

Itching for something fun on your Android smartphone? Then check out the Bloodline beta, a game published by Cherry Credits, which became available last week.

OP3_Feature Console / Reviews

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 (PS4) Review

While other series have grown and become more complex, the Warriors games of today are pretty much identical to the original Dynasty Warriors 2 back on the PlayStation 2. That’s goes for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 too, as it is identical to One Piece Pirate Warriors on the PlayStation 3 in most major aspects.