Review: ASUS MB168B+ 15-inch Display

USB monitors such as the Asus MB168B+ haven’t, up to now, had the best of times. Generally saddled with poor resolutions, and lacking the hardware required to do justice to smooth movies and fast-changing games, they’ve remained niche products. That’s a shame, as USB screens have plenty of potential. Mobile executives could ...

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Review: Titanfall (PC)

The hype behind Titanfall has been massive as the lumbering giants themselves, looming over the shoulders of every other game as we slip into the start of a new generation. Having tasted the frenetic combat, I can’t help but join in the chorus of praise. It’s familiar yet with ...

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Review: Might & Magic X Legacy

Single-player RPGs have gotten so fast that returning to a dungeon crawler feels bizarre, yet crawl is exactly what you’ll do in Limbic Entertainment’s Might & Magic X: Legacy. You’ll fight for every tile, coin and treasure you come across and you’ll walk away bruised and battered, inches from ...

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