Impressions: Overwatch (Open Beta)

Overwatch deserves the hype. Blizzard Entertainment’s multiplayer shooter isn’t the first to have classes, nor is it the only game featuring heroes, but it has single-handedly achieved something on a scale not shared by many: reinvigorating competitive FPS. Greater than its cohesive mechanics, colorful aesthetic or international cast is ...

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Impressions: Nioh (PS4)

Nioh’s announcement had many drawing comparisons to Dark Souls and Onimusha. However, after spending two intense afternoons with the alpha demo I realize we’ve been wrong the entire time – this isn’t a Japanese reskin of Dark Souls, it’s the samurai counterpart to Ninja Gaiden. Crushing difficulty and steep ...

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Impressions: Gearbox Software nails co-op action with Battleborn

Release schedules can be difficult. Gearbox Software’s hero shooter, Battleborn, supposedly faces steep competition when it releases next month, three weeks ahead of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. Or will it? While the two games certainly portray the same melding of genres, their similarities don’t go beyond ‘team-based’, ‘online first-person shooter’, ...

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