World of Warships to get premium ships from anime High School Fleet

At the Wargaming League Season 2 Finals 2017 event in Taipei today, Wargaming announced new details on its World of Warship tie-in with the naval warfare-themed anime High School Fleet. As with previous collaborations with the anime Arppegio of Blue Steel, this will come in the form of premium ...

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Netflix are on a roll with the anime and manga adaptations

Japanese pop-culture fans may find more reasons to stay by (or sign up for) Netflix at this rate. Last year, the online streaming service announced an anime film adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei’s Blame!, a ten-volume cyberpunk manga that ran from 1997 to 2003. Nobody’s going to complain against some ...

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AFA '12: Sword Art Online Fans Wipe Merch Out On Day 1

Sword Art Online (SAO) fans thronged the booth for their fandom’s merchandise on the first day of Anime Festival Asia 2012, creating a queue that snaked not just around the booth’s floor space, but up and down the entire length of the hall as well.

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