Overwatch will have Chinese New Year event

Which should not be surprising, of course. The most recent Olympics, Halloween and Christmas events in Overwatch have proven to be extremely popular with the community, with players paying up for time-sensitive Lootboxes that give out festive skins and other exclusive drops. So is it’s no surprise that Blizzard’s next event will ...

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When World of Warcraft is a family secret

To celebrate the launch of World of Warcraft: Legion in South Korea, Blizzard Korea released a series of hilarious (and in Korean dramatic taegu drama style) clips between a father and son. See it here below Moral of the story? When mummy becomes involved, don’t trust your dad. Apparently, Blizzard ...

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StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void gets a trailer and release date

For those not in the know, Starcraft II was divided into three games. Legacy of the Void continues where Heart of the Swarm left off. The swarming Zerg are invading planet Aiur, home of the techno-mystical Protoss race. Now, in the body and multi-octave voice of Hierarch Artanis, it’s up to you to unify and ...

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