Dragon Age: Inquisition's First Impression

Last week, I was invited to play a nearly finished PlayStation 4 build of Dragon Age: Inquisition at an exclusive Electronic Arts media event. My reaction when I played the game for the first time? Wow, it’s huge. Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third title in BioWare’s fantasy action RPG ...

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Interview with Battlefield: Hardline Creative Director, Ian Milham

We recently had the chance to catch up with Visceral Games’ Ian Milham, Creative Director of Battlefield Hardline, to dig into his thoughts of the franchise and the legacy baggage it comes with. If Visceral Games sounded familiar to you, it should. These guys brought us the horrifying (in ...

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Prepare for Titanfall on March 2014, US$250 Collector’s Edition Shown [Updated]

Running towards a hulk of metal falling from the sky doesn’t usually pass off as a good idea, unless you live in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. EA have now announced that the steel rain begins as early as March 2014. Players will choose to fight for the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation ...

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