A Cute Flying Cat helped Gravity Rush 2 TV Commercial to win accolades

Back in January, PlayStation Japan released a TV commercial for Gravity Daze 2, better known as Gravity Rush 2 in English regions. Titled “Gravity Cat”, the live-action ad recently won accolades at various award shows, including a Gold Pencil at The One Show and two Grand Prizes at New ...

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Gravity Rush 2 review characters

Review: Embracing the dreamy fall through Gravity Rush 2

You’ve played open-world games before but not quite like this. Just as Spider-Man 2 invoked web-slinging joy between the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan, Gravity Rush 2 elicits the same starry-eyed wonder as Kat hovers and falls through various floating cities. It’s an experience that burns itself in one’s memory, ...

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(Updated) Gravity Rush 2 launches on 18 Jan, free side story DLC

Gravity Rush 2 is coming to Singapore on 18 January 2017, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PlayStation 4 exclusive is tagged with a suggested retail price of $72.90 for the Standard Edition and $82.90 $80.90 (pricing updated) for the Limited Edition. Developed by SIE Japan Studio, Gravity Rush 2 ...

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