The P-13 Helix is Aftershock’s first non-gaming Ultrabook

Known for their gaming-focused line-up of gaming notebooks and desktops, Aftershock has decidedly gone mainstream with their first non-gaming ultrabook, the P-13 Helix. As with all of Aftershock’s products, you can mix and match the P-13 Helix components. The base model goes for S$1,399 with an Intel i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, ...

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What if Blizzard makes a turn-based Overwatch RPG?

Overwatch is loved by many fans for its deep roster of characters and rich in-game lore. You’d imagine the game, with its breakdown of classes into offensive, defensive, tank and support, would have more in common with a role-playing game than a shooter. Right? Which was what the folks ...

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E3 2017: Interview with Destiny 2’s Executive Producer

Destiny 2, unlike its predecessor, will feature a single-player campaign with a compelling backstory that also ties up some of the loose ends from the original game. Over at the Activision booth at E3 in Los Angeles, we sat down with David Allen, Executive Producer, and discussed some of ...

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