Review: Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming Mouse

Logitech’s been making mice for the longest time, and when they unleashed the mouthful that is the G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional-Grade Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse, you just know they’ve got something that’s really going to make the hardcore gamer swoon. At 107 grams, the G900 is almost too light. I’m ...

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Review: No Man’s Sky (PS4)

Exploring the infinitesimal universe is fun and fascinating, but it can be immensely annoying too. No Man’s Sky does have the interplanetary space-faring magic it advertises, but how much it satisfies depends on whether you enjoy the arduous, cyclical churn of accumulate-create-migrate in exchange for a glimpse of the ...

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NVIDIA GTX 10-Series for Gaming Laptops Announced

With the complete launch of the Pascal-based GTX-10 series family (1080, 1070, 1060 and Titan X) for the desktop market, NVIDIA’s next move is rather obvious – to bring the Pascal family to the laptop market. Where NVIDIA’s previous modus operandi has been to release scaled-down versions of their ...

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