Quest Drop Announces Partnership with MOL

Southeast Asian mobile games publisher, operator, and service provider, Quest Drop, has today announced a strategic partnership with MOL, one of the largest third-party payment providers in the region. Quest Drop currently supports live and technical operations, customer support, community management, device and user testing, as well as art ...

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Blacklight: Retribution Goes Local

Whenever someone asks me for recommendations on a free-to-play shooter, Zombie Studios’ Blacklight: Retribution always makes it on the list. They’ve got the shooting mechanics down pat, had mechanized suits long before Titanfall released and, most importantly, made sure free players never felt at a disadvantage. There was a ...

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US$15,000 up for grabs at Razer DotA 2 Tournament

As part of their goals to promote e-Sports in the Southeast Asian region, Razer will be hosting a US$15,000 DotA 2 tournament at the IT show taking place this weekend. The showfloor is open from Thursday, with qualifier-round matches being played in the evenings. Daytime play is reserved for ...

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